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Whatever the Tech Problem is, we are here to fix it.

The only way to be totally safe online would be to not be on the internet. But following a few
simple rules will normally keep you out of harms way. Call us today to discuss how.

Over time your Computer due to normal functioning, will get bogged down. From temp files through to registry and other errors. We will run scans and diagnostics that will get your PC running like new again. Call us and book a tuneup today!

Many people find that they soon run out of room on their Hard Drives, with all the pictures and video these days, we will normally install a new 1 TB Drive and transfer the data for under $200. Call us for a Quote today!

At PCResults, we have specialised in ex-lease systems for over a decade. These are all Business Grade Desktops and Laptops that are built to high specs, not to a price. They come from corporate sceniarios and are mostly top of the range models. We fully test these computers and guarantee them to perform extremely well, all have warranty and are awesome value

We have been in business for a long time (17 years) and pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our clients. David our lead tech, also happens to be a Westpac and NAB tech, who is a Team Leader when there are any upgrades to be done at those Banks.

Some problems can be fixed onsite in an hour, but most bigger jobs are better to be picked up using our FREE Pickup & Delivery Service. We keep the cost down this way, as we can work on more jobs at once, rather than being onsite charging an hourly rate. We offer a $99 Pay No More rate on most jobs. (excluding Hardware and Software)


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